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Domains in Sunrise Period

Register your domain name in the Sunrise Period

Sunrise Period

This is the first stage of the liberalisation process of a domain extension. In this stage, only trademark owners can apply for a domain.

If you want to apply for a domain in this stage, you must obtain a Trademark Clearinghouse validation code. If you do have a trademark, but not the validation code, please contact us.

Note that registration of a domain name in this stage is subject to registry confirmation. If there is more than one applicant for the same domain name during Sunrise, an auction will be held at the end of this phase in order to determine to whom the domain name is awarded.

If don't have a trademark or a trademark clearing code, you can pre-register you domain before the General Availability stage begins.

Domain Extensions in Sunrise

Phase Duration
Currently there are no extensions in this liberalization phase

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