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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register a domain name in Asia?

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. With vibrant and fast-growing economies, this ancient continent offers numerous business opportunities for venture capitalists and business personalities.  Hundreds of millions of consumers and Internet users in China, Japan and India scour the web for information and products. What does that mean? You have fantastic opportunity to secure a domain name in Asia. And with a short and focused extension, you can kick start your online venture and get maximum exposure.

Where can I register Asian domain names?

Please click the following URL in order to search availability and then proceed with Asian Domain Registration

Where can I perform a Whois search of Asian domains?

Most Asian countries have fairly developed Internet infrastructure and web technologies.  That means anyone can search and register a top-level domain name or extension easily. So, why not start your search for a business domain name and create a presence in Asia? domain checker will give you a great head start in your quest to establish your business or brand in Asia. With our whois lookup tool, you can check domain name availability and find information on registrants for any Asian website or extension you want to buy.

To perform a WHOIS search, simply click any country from You will be directed to the domain name checker where you will enter the domain name (including the extension) you want to search. Once you enter the domain name, click the search button to find out the details of the registrant.

What ccTLDs could I register in Asia?

.Asia is an ICANN-approved TLD and your gateway to the worldwide web in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. As a top-level domain, .asia enables you to reach out to millions of Asian Internet users. But that’s not your only solution if you want to create a website in one of the Asian countries. You can use our Whois lookup tool above to look up domain names and information on registrants for countries in the Indian sub-continent notably India (.in), Bangladesh (.bd), Sri Lanka (.lk), Pakistan (.pk), and the Maldives (.mv) or Oriental countries like Japan (.jp) and China (.cn). also lets you perform search for countries in the Middle East notably Iran (.ir), Iraq (.iq), Syria (.sy), UAE (.ae) and Saudi Arabia (.sa).

Using our domain name checker, you can also dig up information on Asian domain names and extensions for South-Pacific countries such as Singapore (.sg), Malaysia (.my), Indonesia (.id), Thailand (.th), Vietnam (.vn), Hong Kong (.hk), and Taiwan (.tw). You can also check domain names for Mongolia (.mn), Tajikistan (.tj), Uzbekistan (.uz), Turkmenistan (.tm), and Kazakhstan (.kz) as they are within the Asian continent. With any of the above country domains, you can reach and engage your audience in any part of Asia.

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