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Best Domain Extensions for an Ecommerce Website

Best Domain Extensions for an Ecommerce Website

The ecommerce sector is larger than it’s ever been.

According to Statista, global e-commerce sales reached a staggering $5.8 trillion in 2023, with its figures suggesting that number will only grow higher. By 2027, sales will have grown to around $8 trillion – a 39% increase on what they are right now.

As a prospective – or current – ecommerce store owner, you obviously want a slice of that ever-expanding pie. With gTLDs, which are domain names that go beyond the standard .com you’re used to, you can grab your slice by using a domain extension to ensure you stand out.

The Best Domain Extensions

Of course, you could settle for a .com domain extension, as so many other ecommerce store owners do. However, that won’t make you stand out from the crowd. It also won’t help you to instantly showcase that you have an ecommerce store that sells an actual product.

Instead of settling for .com, try one of the following domain extensions.

Extension 1 – .shop

Perhaps the most obvious choice for an ecommerce domain extension, .shop tells visitors exactly where they’re heading. Regardless of whether you’re operating a small boutique shop or a multinational store, a .shop extension makes it clear that your website exists for them to buy from easily.

It’s also a boon for search engine optimization (SEO). Any online store that has the word “shop” in its name can use this domain extension to double down on the use of that word in its URL.

Extension 2 – .store

Following hot on the heels of .shop is an extension that essentially communicates the same message - .store. You still get to tell your visitors that your website is an online shop, only now you can do so with less competition.

Where .shop is used by 1.51% of ecommerce websites, the .store extension is only used by 0.63%. While that may not seem like a huge difference, it means there are just over 200,000 fewer .store websites. That means far less competition for you to deal with when trying to make your ecommerce store stand out.

Extension 3 – .boutique

Let’s say you have an ecommerce store that specializes in a niche service. Think first editions of books are specific types of food catering to a certain audience.

You still want to use your URL to advertise that you’re operating an online shop. But at the same time, you want an extension that communicates the unique nature of your store. The .boutique extension works perfectly as it lends a chic style to your URL while still communicating what your website is all about.

Extension 4 – .trade

On the other side of the spectrum from .boutique, you have .trade. This extension is ideal for business-to-business sellers, especially those that sell wholesale goods or professional services to other businesses.

It could also be a good choice for companies that offer advice or services related to trading stocks or currencies. For the especially ambitious ecommerce store owner, you could even use a .trade extension to denote a section of your website that allows users to trade goods or services with one another.

Extension 5 – .blackfriday

Of course, .blackfriday isn’t going to be the best choice for an ecommerce store that’s going to be available year-round. Rather, the extension works best when used in conjunction with marketing campaigns related to the “Black Friday” sales event, which typically takes place during Thanksgiving weekend.

For instance, you could use this extension to host offers for an existing ecommerce store that are specifically provided for Black Friday. That sub-store is then easily advertisable using online marketing, while also being kept completely separate from your standard store.

Find Your New Domain Extension

What you see here is a small sample of the best extensions that you could use for your ecommerce store. You can even get more granular though. A store that specializes in wedding or anniversary gifts could use the .gifts extension, for instance, with one that deals in the finer things in life choosing .luxury.

The point is that you’re not limited to .com – or any other country-specific domain extensions – anymore. You can use something that speaks to what your ecommerce website actually offers, with the only question now being where to find these domain extensions.

That’s where Regdom comes in.

Choose from other 1,000 domain extensions and build a website that showcases exactly what you do, starting with its URL.

By Steven White

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