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Why a .SYDNEY Domain?

Due to Sydney being the most populated city in Australia, and Oceania in general, it has great economic potential. We recommend registering a .SYDNEY domain to become more recognized amongst local communities and also attract the large number of foreigners that visit Sydney daily. Entrepreneurs that have opened businesses in the capital of Australia should opt for a .SYDNEY domain name for their websites, especially if they are operating in the tourism sector. Visitors will always use the keyword “Sydney” when they are searching for related information and it will drive all more traffic to your website.


Are there any requirements for .SYDNEY domains?

In order to be eligible for a .SYDNEY domain name, the applicant must be an Australian citizen or resident that has a valid address in the State of Victoria. If you are a business owner, then your entity needs to be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the Australian Business Register.


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