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Why a .PF Domain?

Regardless of the type of content you wish to provide the local French Polynesian communities, a .PF domain name is the best way to approach the market. You can reach designated customers to promote your project by adding a .PF extension. The .PF domain name will contribute to the ranking of your website in the search engine results that are shown to potential users.


Are there any requirements for .PF domains?

There are a couple of requirements that you should consider when it registering a .PF domain name. If you are an association, you must provide a certificate with the ISPF T.A.H.I.T.I number. Companies can register based on their trademark, which is acknowledged with an INPI certificate of the trademark. However, please note that companies which do not hold a trademark can register with an ISPF certificate of registration in the Territorial Business Directory; an extract from the Register of Trade and Companies. Individuals must provide a scanned copy of French Polynesian ID.


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