Tips: A space between words means "AND" e.g. "nice weather".
A comma between words means "OR"e.g.: ", registerdomain.COM".

Why a .ORG Domain?

We recommend securing your .ORG domain name for your company in order to be protected worldwide. It is the 3rd most popular gTLD domain in the world with over 10 million websites currently registered. The .ORG domain name is the internet code name for Non-Commercial websites, like Organizations, NGOs, and Associations. The .ORG websites are recognized across the internet as a symbol of trusted and reliable source of information.


Are there any requirements for .ORG domains?

.ORG domains may be registered by both individuals and companies when the website operates in the company’s interest. Please note the character count must be kept between 3 and 63 for the domain name and please note that special characters, spaces or stressed vowels (such as à, é, ò, í) are not permitted.


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