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Why a .MOBI Domain?

The .MOBI domain name, which stands for mobile, is the 6th most popular gTLD used worldwide. The best way to send out a clear message to your potential customers that you are available on mobile as well is to register a .MOBI domain. There are more than 1 million active websites have this extension. English is the most popular language used with a .MOBI extension, making it easier for companies to be found with English being the most spoken language worldwide.


Are there any requirements for .MOBI domains?

There are no restrictions for registering .MOBI domain names. However, due to the fact that .MOBI domains are meant for mobile devices, registrants must be aware of mobile-compatibility style guidelines. In other words, all websites that use the .MOBI extension must have a responsive web design, optimized to view on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.


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