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Why a .HIPHOP Domain?

Due to the rapid expansion of the internet, a lot of hip-hop musicians have started to come out and promote them online. One of the best ways to do so is by using a .HIPHOP domain extension for their website, so that internet users will know what to expect from your website, right from the start. Not only that, given the fact that it is starting to be a crowded market, a .HIPHOP domain name will surely help your brand become much more visible on the web as internet users search for the “hip hop” keyword when they search for this kind of music in the online. Also, a .HIPHOP domain name is a great way to gage the attention of head hunters and producers in their search for up and coming talents.


Are there any requirements for .HIPHOP domains?

Both individuals and companies are allowed to register .HIPHOP domains.


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