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Why a .FR Domain?

We strongly recommend registering your .FR domain, in order to protect your brand both in France and worldwide. Consequently, you will build up credibility and trust; with future customers more inclined to hear you out if they see a .FR domain. With over 2 million domains already registered, the .FR domain is the 7th most popular ccTLD in Europe with French being the main language used. Please note that if you want to reach a more specific region in France, the following extensions are also available: .RE, .TF, .WF, .PM, .YT.


Are there any requirements for .FR domains?

The .FR domain is available to both individuals and companies as well. Nevertheless, any individual or company must reside in Europe and will have to provide one of the following: Siren/Siret number, DUNS number, company registration number, business certificate number or another valid local identifier specific to an EU country or the listed territories, in order to register their domains.


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