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Why a .EUS Domain?

The .EUS domain name stands for “Euskara”, which is a standardized and official name for the Basque language, the official language of Spain's País Vasco autonomous province. If you want to register a website that targets an audience in this region, you ought to consider registering a .EUS domain name. The local communities here take pride in their cultural and linguistic heritage and if you want to connect with them, you should communicate with them in their language and acknowledge them in a respectful manner.


Are there any requirements for .EUS domains?

Any individual or legal entity that provides a nexus to the EUS community can register a .EUS domain name for their website. The registrant needs to fulfill two requirements: • A Bona-fide membership provided by the Basque linguistic and cultural community on the Internet. • Proof needs to be provided regarding the registrant’s actions in the Basque linguistic and cultural community.


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