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Why a .BZH Domain?

The local communities in Brittany have chosen the .BZH domain extension in order to personalize websites that are designed for this specific region. Companies, brands and businesses or even individuals that want to promote products, services and items specifically related to this area, can easily opt for a .BZH domain name. By using a Breton-based website, you will definitely win over the locals because they are very conservative with their language, culture and as a result, newcomers.


Are there any requirements for .BZH domains?

In order to be eligible for a .BZH domain name, the applicant needs to demonstrate that he or she has strong ties with the Breton community, by meeting the following criteria: • Proof of residence or an office in Brittany. • Relevant and original content linked to the Brittany and the Breton culture. • The website needs to be in the local language and dialect.


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