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Why a .COM.BR Domain?

We strongly recommend that you register a .COM.BR Domain in order to provide protection for your website and Company in Brazil. A .COM.BR domain registration can increase the credibility of your website in the region as well as increase incoming traffic. This extension is the most popular ccTLD in South America and it has more than 3 million registered domains. Also, other possible options for your website are: .GOV.BR, .NET.BR, .ORG.BR, .TV.BR, .WIKI.BR, .BLOG.BR.


Are there any requirements for .COM.BR domains?

The .COM.BR extension is available both for individuals and companies alike. Companies must provide their certification number in Brazil, a phone number and an address, whereas individuals are required to fill in their phone number, ID number and residential address. The name registration character limit must be between 2-26. The name must not contain stressed vowels (such as à, é, ò, í) or other special characters or spaces.


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